Beware the 3rd Rabbit

We survived our first camping trip of the season, no doubt because I remembered the alcohol and followed other useful camping tips that you can read on my post at Scary Mommy. We spent one afternoon at a hot springs-fed pool. These always sound fun but inevitably turn out to be creepy and expensive at ten bucks per adult and eight bucks for children. The creepy factor was solidified when, as we sat at a poolside table snacking on granola bars and apples, a septic truck backed up next to us to pump the pool potties. I'm sorry, but can't that sort of thing be taken care of during off hours? I didn't pay thirty-eight dollars for an up close tutorial on the disposal of human waste.

Another day we took the girls river rafting. A mother of young kids assured me that the trip was suitable for children as young as four, but I soon learned it included Class 3 rapids, which tells me that the mother has much tougher four-year-olds than I do. There were a few memorable phrases from the trip. I've cherry-picked my favorites:

"Mom, I don't want to see a bear or mountain lion because I don't want to be dead." This was how my four-year-old began our trip. And really, what could I do but agree with her? My husband disapproved of that reaction though, and goaded me into lying to my children with the false assurance that there are no bears or mountain lions where we camped.

"Mom, I will try not to fall into the fire." This was from my seven-year-old. I told her that was a good plan. Much to her surprise, she made it through the trip without falling into the fire. On the way home, having survived the wildlife and the presence of a campfire, I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was.

4-year-old: "Roasting marshmallows and eating S'mores." No big shocker; she is entirely food-motivated.

7-year-old: "The third rabbit." They saw two deer during the trip, but I didn't recall seeing any rabbits. Was she referring to the herds of ground squirrels that pooped all over our gear? Before I could ask for clarification, she turned to her younger sister and said, "Do you know what a rabbit is? It's when the water gets really white and big." The third rabbit she referred to was, in fact, a Class 3 rapid.

Mike would periodically turn the camera on to ask me how the trip was going. Here I am in all my camping glory with a 50 second commentary:

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