Happiness Is a Nougat Paddle

"You really want to go to the nougat factory?" Mike asked. A friend had suggested we check it out, but Mike was skeptical. 

"I don't know, maybe we should. I mean, how often does one get the chance to see nougat being made?"

We were both eager to get out of the house, having had an unfortunate encounter the night before with this guy...

...whose presence made me think that the answer to this question...

...posed by our friendly neighborhood Jehovah's witness, is YES.

Don't get me wrong. Nature rocks. But this fucker was huge. In the picture he's hanging out in the bathtub. The bathtub where we bathe our children, who were thankfully asleep during the encounter, as well as during the spider's subsequent demise. 

So, despite the unpleasantness of the word nougat, the nougat company was a welcome diversion. Instead of telling the kids we were going to a nougat company, which sounds like an odd form of torture, we told them we were going to a factory where they make treats. 

"I'm so excited!" Ivy bounced up and down.

"I bet they'll have chocolate cupcakes and rainbow sprinkles!" Emilia shouted.

"You may have oversold the nougat company," Mike said.

"Or maybe," I countered, "it will be awesome!"

We left Buderim and drove for twenty minutes or so, through the town of Eumundi and beyond, until a small sign read "Australian Nougat Company, next left." We made the turn and saw this...

"Uh, is that somebody's house?" Mike asked.

"Could be."

"Are we really going in there?"

"Damn straight, we are."

Don't be fooled by the second story. The premises dedicated to nougat and open to the public was on the ground floor to the left of the garage bay. We entered into an area approximately 6 feet by 4 feet. Or maybe I should say 1.8 meters by 1.2 meters. In any case, it was small. Two chairs sat facing a television, on which you could view nougat being made! Behind the television a glass wall separated the visitor's cell from where they make the nougat, though no one was making nougat. Here's the view, including the nougat paddle.

The rest of the area consisted of the original nougat paddle, pictured here with Emilia and Ivy, who were downright thrilled with the whole experience, and nougat available for purchase (yes, we did).

The next day we saw our friend who lives in the area. He asked how our trip was going.

"Great," I answered. "Yesterday we went to the nougat company, like you suggested."

"Nougat?" He looked confused. "What's nougat?" 

"Isn't that the place you told us to check out that was really great for kids?"

"Ginger," he corrected. "I told you to go to the ginger factory. They have a train and the gingerbread man travels all around the world and they have a playground. It's really awesome."

As it is, we're leaving the Sunshine Coast on Saturday to begin our trek south. With preparations that need to be made, we won't have time to visit the ginger factory. That's okay, though, because as cool as it sounds, I don't think my girls would trade their experience hugging the original nougat paddle for all the world. 

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