10 Reasons to Attend the Idaho Writers Rendezvous

If you attend one writers conference this year, 
make it the Idaho Writers Rendezvous
Here are 10 reasons to do so:

10. Size Matters 
And bigger is not better when it comes to this sort of thing. I've attended large conferences before and it's not much fun drowning in a sea of a thousand writers all desperate for a moment to speak with a presenter, who runs from the masses as if the zombie apocalypse is upon us. Presenters at the Rendezvous are accessible, approachable, and encouraging.

9. Rediscovered Reception
One of the first opportunities for networking is at the Thursday night reception at Rediscovered Books, the coolest, downtown boutique bookstore there is.

8. Life Sucks, Laugh Hard
Registration for the conference includes a ticket to Life Sucks, Laugh Hard, a live comedy event at Beside Bardenay featuring Jen Mann, Robin O'Bryant, Elaine Ambrose, and yours truly. It's a kick ass show in a kick ass venue.

7. Lunch
Remember how I said the presenters were accessible? Have lunch with an agent, editor, or author. We limit the number of attendees joining a presenter to four people, so you're not lost in the crowd. And who doesn't like lunch? Check out our presenters HERE.

6. Basque Banquet
This is not your grandmother's banquet. Basque food, basque dancers. Because a little bit of culture makes a boring banquet better. And that's just how we roll.

5. Manuscript Evaluations 
Submit 10 pages of your work ahead of time. Sit down one-on-one with an editor for twenty minutes to discuss. This is one of those you-don't-know-until-you-try-it events for an aspiring writer. Once you get feedback from a professional editor, you'll wonder why it took you so long.

4. Pitch Sessions
You could spend another five years sending out query letters. Or you can sit down with an agent for ten minutes. One is much more effective than the other.

3. Content
We've got you covered. Everything from Star Trek to Poetry. I'm not making this up. Query letter class, pitch class, agent panel, scripts, blogging, plot, humor, fantasy, publishing. See the full schedule HERE.

2. Open Mic
You want to be heard? Here's your chance. Take the mic, read your work. The cream of the crop win prizes. And prizes rock.

1. Boise
If you haven't been here, you're missing out. Mid-May is the perfect time to check out why Boiseans are so ridiculously proud of this place we call home. If you're flying in from out of town, you can skip renting a car. Downtown is highly walkable and there's plenty to do if you're bringing along a spouse who won't attend the conference - Saturday farmers market, fantastic restaurants, shopping, galleries, museums, parks, you name it.

Questions? Email me at amanda@akturner.com. 
Ready to register? Click HERE. You'll be glad you did.

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