Celebrating Literacy

The good folks at Grammarly recently compiled information to raise awareness of global literacy and to celebrate International Literacy Day. It's a reminder of just how lucky we are, how much progress has been made, and far we still have to go. 

In Boise, we're fortunate to have wonderful organizations like the Learning Lab. Grammarly recommends First Book and Reading is Fundamental. Illiteracy is everyone's problem, if you agree, I hope you'll considering donating a small amount of your money or time to one of these organizations. You can also check with your local library about volunteering as a literacy coach. 

"Illiteracy is more than just a lack of reading skills. Around the world, it is a clear predictor of poverty, illness, and disempowerment. It’s not a problem confined to the developing world, either. Even in the United States, there are thirty-two million adults who cannot read, according to the U.S. Department of Education."
  - Grammarly's Brittney Ross
Literacy Day
This infographic is courtesy of https://www.grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker.

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