Angry Devil Mom

My first-grader brought home a stack of completed school work last week. I look forward to this. Most of the papers make their way to the recycling bin when she's not looking, but every now and then there's treasure in there, some adorable little drawing or story that I'll keep forever. 

I found a series of papers on which she was given a word to illustrate. Here's the first:

I think it's pretty good. It communicates her absolute terror regarding water, which she unfortunately inherited from me. She also has my morbid inclinations, because she could have drawn herself helping with chores around the house or how a step stool helps her reach the sink, but she apparently wanted the stakes a little higher.

If you asked me to draw a picture to communicate the word "very", I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to start. That's no easy task. Ivy went with the above, because it's very green. 

And then we have this little gem. 

If I had to communicate the word "now", I might lean toward something that communicates time, like a clock or calendar. But not Ivy. No, when it comes to the word "now", this is her first impression. That's her on the left. Little, blond, sad, and crying. And that's me on the right. Angry, devil mom pointing at the floor and demanding "Now!"

Most of the time, we are happy and harmonious. But my patience has its limits. There are times when I lose it. It's not something I'm ashamed of, but the above picture is a good reminder to be aware of it, to remember that I have influence over how my kids see me, over how I make them feel. I'll try to remember that the next time my temper flares, because the idea of "now" should not be a scary one. And while I'm certainly no angel, that doesn't mean I have to be the devil. 


Want to feel better about yourself as a parent?

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