NaNoWriMo Tips from Grammarly

Are you rocking your daily word count in pursuit of a working draft this month? If so, keep going - you're halfway there! When writing and reviewing your work, here are some friendly reminders to keep in mind from Grammarly. Because no matter how much you love your masterpiece, chances are you have one of these lurking in your pretty prose.

These might seem basic, but even veteran writers would do well to remind themselves of these from time to time. And these five mistakes are also why it's good to have another pair of eyes on your work.

I'm guilty of #1 and 5, while my husband is notorious for #2. He randomly Capitalizes Things for no apparent Reason. Whatever your weaknesses may be, make sure you don't edit your work as quickly as you wrote it. NaNoWriMo is great for getting a draft down on paper, but when it's time to review, slow down and keep the following in mind...

Five Mistakes To Avoid in Your NaNoWriMo Novel Infographic

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