Fail Hard with the Women of I JUST WANT TO BE PERFECT

I'm super stoked to be included in Jen Mann's latest anthology I Just Want to Be Perfect. This follows the New York Times bestseller I Just Want to Pee Alone and I Just Want to Be Alone. Once again she's assembled a dynamite list of some of the funniest women bloggers out there.


***NOTE: This book is not for you if you are offended by any of the following: foul language, inappropriate humor, hair removal, hemorrhoids, boobs, and vaginas. Seriously, if those things are a turn-off, just skip this one.

However, if you've always enjoyed a good discussion about lady parts, if you consider yourself fairly difficult to offend, or if you know that you will never ever ever be in the running for a "Mom of the Year" award, this book might just be for you. While you're at it, check out the authors and their awesome blogs below...

Jen Mann - People I Want to Punch in the Throat / I Just Want to Pee Alone
Bethany Kriger Thies - Bad Parenting Moments
Deva Nicole Dalporto - MyLifeSuckers
Julianna Wesby Miner - Rants From Mommyland 
LOLA LOLITA - SammichesPsychMeds / MockMom 
Kim Bongiorno - Let Me Start By Saying
Alyson Herzig - The Shitastrophy
Kathryn Leehane - Foxy Wine Pocket
Harmony Hobbs - Modern Mommy Madness 
Erin Dwyer Dymowski - Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms
Tara Wood - Love Morning Wood
Kelcey Kintner - The Mama Bird Diaries
Lisa René LeClair - Sassypiehole
Joelle Wisler - Joelle Wisler, Writer
Christine McDevitt Burke - Keeper of The Fruit Loops
Meredith Spidel - The Mom of the Year
Meredith Gordon - Bad Sandy
Nicole Leigh Shaw -
Allison Hart - Motherhood, WTF?
Jennifer Lizza - Outsmarted Mommy
Suzanne Fleet - Toulouse and Tonic
AK Turner - Vagabonding with Kids
Robyn Welling - Hollow Tree Ventures
Ashley Fuchs - The Malleable Mom
Kim Forde - The Fordeville Diaries
E.R. Catalano - Zoe vs. the Universe
Chrissy Woj - Quirky Chrissy
Stacey Gill - One Funny Motha
Wendi Aarons -
Jen Simon –
Janel Mills - 649.133: Girls, the Care and Maintenance Of.
Jessica Azar - Herd Management
Susanne Kerns -The Dusty Parachute
Audrey Hayworth - Sass Mouth
Hedia Anvar - Gunmetal Geisha
Christine Organ -
Shya Gibbons - ShyaGibbons

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