Vagabonding with Kids in Alaska

We're halfway through our summer trip and find ourselves living on a tiny island off of Sitka. I revel in moments like this one, when during a boat ride from town to our rented home, I say to Mike again and again, "Wait, take a picture now," because each moment of altered light seems more beautiful than the last.

We wound up through northern Idaho, into Canada where we saw deer, elk, and a lone black bear, and made the breathtaking drive from Banff to Jasper. From Prince Rupert we boarded the ferry, on which we spent a day and a half and I reprimanded an unruly and unsupervised team of young boys.

Most of the time here in Sitka it feels like living in a cloud, but occasionally we get views from our deck like this one...

We've fished, hiked, watched eagles, collected sea stars, spied sea lions, picked berries, and on rainy days played hours of board games before giving our children their first showing of The Goonies. Still to come: a production of Guys and Dolls, a visit to Fortress of the Bear, more fishing, rain, and torturing of sea stars. On August 4th I'll read and sign from my forthcoming book at Old Harbor Books.

What's that? Why, yes. Yes, it IS available for pre-order

Then we'll have two days of my husband's high school reunion before the return trip to Idaho. When the kids are back in school (PRAISE BE TO ALL THAT IS SACRED ON THIS EARTH!!!!!), I'll begin my own studies in Spanish for upcoming trips. 

The halfway point of any trip is a mix of emotions: gratitude that we haven't had occasion to use the bear spray, balanced with fear that we might yet have occasion to use the bear spray. We'll only be home a day or two before planning the next adventure (which won't require bear spray, but rattlesnake antivenin would be nice). There will be aspects of island life that I'll surely miss, but I also know that we're tied to Alaska for life. And we'll be back. 

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