Vagabonding with Kids is now available free in the form of a podcast. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes. 

Introduction: There are a million reasons not to travel, but none of them are true.

Chapter 1 – Becoming Vagabonds: We swore we’d never take long plane rides with young children, but now we can’t imagine any other life. How we fell into vagabonding through work and the decision to keep it going as a family of four.

Chapter 2 – How Can We Afford This?: People assume long-term travel is reserved for the wealthy, but that’s not the case. Tips on saving money, from airline miles to home exchanges, and why you shouldn’t go shopping to prepare for a trip.

Chapter 3 – Getting Ready to Go: Passports, vaccinations, visas, language learning, technology vetting, and a five-year-old with an unfortunate habit of appearing stones in her passport photos.  

Chapter 4 – Making Plans (Without Overdoing It): My husband likes to wing it. I like to micromanage our itinerary. Finding balance and staying sane on the road. 

Chapter 5 – A New Perception of Home: Home exchanges, camper vans, and accepting the fact that ownership of things is less important than experiences. 

Chapter 6 – But Think of the Children!: The idea that removing children from traditional education is both outdated and wrong. Adopting hybrid forms of education and the benefits of travel for both kids and adults. 

Chapter 7 – What Do You Really Need to Take with You?: Don’t let small children pack their own bags, skip the vanity items, and what to do when you find yourself stranded on an island in Alaska with a breast infection. 

More episodes coming weekly.

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